Car Window Sunshade Curtain- 4PCS (2 FRONT ROW + 2 BACK ROW)

Car Window Sunshade Curtain- 4PCS (2 FRONT ROW + 2 BACK ROW)

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Wants to have a VIP style sliding curtain in your car without expensive set-up or damaging your car interior?

SlideNShade is a sliding curtain with a magnetic and flexible track that fits any car window. It provides protection from harmful sun UV rays, glare and heat, gives you privacy while adding a luxurious touch into your interior.

The magnetic track can be cut to fit in your window length and easily absorbed on the metal door frame. The curtain has louvered fold to easily slide it open and close at will. Generally, this curtain set-up won't affect driving and opening/closing of the car window.


  • Ideal to block away from the sun's UV rays and heat
  • Prevents excessive heat inside the car due to exposure to sunlight
  • Provides instant privacy and add a luxurious touch to your car interior
  • Easy to install, simply align the magnetic track to the windows iron frame and have a firmed and secured window curtain in just 5 seconds.
  • Does not hinder the opening and closing of your car window
  • The curtain is made of eco-friendly satin with exquisite workmanship
  • Maintains side-view mirror visible.


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